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    Some Do’s and Do Not’s


  • Plan for a safe refuge in case you cannot escape from the house. This is a room where all of the family can gather to wait to be rescued. Take the following precautions:

  • Make sure there is a phone in the room to call for help

  • Try to have a room with a window so you can either escape or call out for help (stay by the window)

  • Close the door and seal the bottom with towels or blankets to stop harmful smoke entering

  • Call the emergency services.

  • Dial 999 or 112

  • Tell the operator what service you require.

  • Speak calmly and clearly giving the address of the fire and your phone number. (If using a mobile phone the operator may ask what county you are in)

  • Only hang up when the operator tells you to

     Do Not

  • Re-enter a burning house for personal items

  • Borrow batteries from the Smoke Alarm

  • Have mirrors over fireplaces with real fires

On average 46 people die each year in FIRES in this country.
FIRES do not always happen to other people.
The next FIRE could be in YOUR HOME!


  • Smoking when tired

  • Leaving burning candles unattended

  • Leaving young children unattended

  • Leaving matches and lighters where children can get them.

  • Leaving chip pans, frying pans, etc unattended

  • Standing too close to fires, heaters, etc

  • Using faulty electrical appliances

  • Overloading sockets

     Make sure to:

  • Have your chimney cleaned at least once a year

  • Use a sparkguard with open fires

  • Use proper holders when burning candles

  • Keep ashtrays empty when not in use

  • Have a suitable fire extinguisher and fire blanket in your kitchen

  • Have faulty electrical appliances repaired or replaced immediately

  • Close all doors at night time

  • Carry out a routine fire safety check before going to bed

Smoke Alarms are designed to give you an early warning of a fire.

82% of fires resulting in fatalities had no working Smoke Alarm.

     Make sure to:

  • Have at least one Smoke Alarm (on the ceiling) on every level in your home

  • Test your smoke alarms at least once a week

  • Change the batteries every year

  • When the warning beep sounds change the battery immediately


       Have an “Evacuation Plan” for you and your family in the event of a fire.

     Make sure to:

  • Plan an evacuation drill with all of your family

  • When practising your evacuation drill have an alternative exit in case your primary exit is blocked by fire

  • Have a meeting point in a safe place outside of the house

  • Practice your evacuation drill regularly

  • Ensure all escape routes are kept clear day and night

  • Keep keys to doors and windows immediately available

All information above courtesy www.firesafetyweek.ie

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