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Ever wondered how Bundoran Fire Brigade are called out?


Remember 112 or 999

are the Emergency Numbers to Call the Fire Brigade



When 999 or the new European number 112 is dialed in an Emergency, the phone calls are routed through to CAMP WEST or WRCC (West Regional Control Centre as it is now known, which is a special 24/7 Fire & Ambulance Control Centre in Castlebar in County Mayo.

They will take details like your name, where the emergency is, are there persons reported, the type of Emergency - Fire or Car Accident etc, any landmarks and any other valuable information.


The Control Centre then activates the Firefighters Pagers in the town where they are needed. The information taken from the caller is then sent to the Fire Station where it will be printed out when the first Firefighter arrives at the station. The Firefighter then presses a "Manual acknowledge button" to tell the Control Centre that the Brigade has received the call and are at the station.

Very detailed and precise Mapping directions of every House, Hotel, Factory, School, Hospital etc and Townlands are recorded at the Control Centre, making sure that the nearest Fire Brigade is always called to the incident. Each incident has a "PDA" which means "Pre Determined Attendance", this is how many Fire Appliances are needed for a certain type of Emergency. This Centre takes in Emergency calls from Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo, Roscommon, Mayo & Galway. It is situated in the same buildings as Castlebar Fire & Rescue Service Humbert Way, Castlebar Town.


All our Radio Communications go through WRCC, relaying through Hilltop Repeater sites.


WRCC -  Western Region Control Centre in Castlebar County Mayo
Inside the Western Region Control Centre
Highly trained Staff deal with Emergency's from 6 counties in the western region.

Photos courtesy of my good friend Eddie Gentles www.blues-twos.com and the Staff of WRCC Castlebar


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