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Merryweather Hatfield Trailer Pump 1929

A print from the 1920's which used to be on packets of Players Cigarettes and shows a Merryweather Hatfield Trailer Pump very similar to the one in Bundoran

This trailer drawn pump was purchased by Bundoran Town Council and was used in the town of Bundoran in 1929. The pump was made at the Merryweather Factory in London and this type of pump was known as a " Merryweather Hatfield Trailer Pump" This factory made Firefighting pumps for most of the fire authorities in the UK and Ireland. When a fire was reported, the firemen at that time would have to find a car somewhere in the town to pull the trailer pump. The crew which was made up from volunteers would only have amounted to 2 or 3.


From information that I have gathered, these types of pumps were manufactured from 1921. The first of these pumps were originially built for Cairo Fire Department and they advertised it for urban districts. It was used for fires in country districts where it would have been difficult for motorised vehicles to negotiate narrow lanes or uneven or soft ground. this type of trailer pump had a 35 hp Dormer Stafford petrol engine and this was mounted on a 2 wheeled carriage with wide rimmed rubber wheels for crossing soft ground. A steel tube drag handle for manual pulling and a towing eye was attached for connection to any vehicle. Depending on the nozzles that were attached, it was capable of pumping from 75 to 250 gallons of water per minute. It has a petrol engine and can pump 2 lines of delivery.

Every fitting is still attached to the pump including 2 rare brass Stand-pipes, 1 Dividing Breach, and 2 Branches and the white Hard Suction Hose.

The 1930s saw alot of different trailer pumps being made by different companies and became a symbol of firefighting in World War II.

In January 2014, the Pump was stripped down, repainted and all brass fittings polished up and went on display in the Town Council Offices in Bundoran as part of the "100 Years of Democracy" exhibition in the town. (2014) It can be seen in the foyer of the Council Offices.

Bundoran 1929 Hatfield Trailer Pump - 2014

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